Project Description

The Pearl S. Buck Birthplace was suffering from lower traffic to the historic site and finding it hard to connect with would-be visitors. With the first inaugural Pearl S. Buck Conference set to take place at West Virginia University, the Birthplace enlisted our help to develop a new look to promote the Birthplace at the conference and in other high traffic areas like West Virginia Visitor Centers. After understanding the significance of the Birthplace and experiencing the fascination of a personal tour, a campaign was crafted around action verbs and photographs of the Birthplace to help audiences imagine themselves in the charming home, prompting them to personally schedule a visit.

With the print pieces in place, we turned to the Birthplace website, giving it a responsive and easy-to-navigate makeover that matched the print campaign. The finished site is a rich resource of historical facts and photos, contains important information for Birthplace visitors and tour groups, and facilitates online purchases of books and collectibles.