We’re Little Fish Design Company and we believe there’s plenty of room at the top— especially for the little guys!

To help you get to the top, we provide not only great design, but also the research that will help you reach the right customer, with the right message, at the right time, and through the right vehicle. Right!

Our business is to understand your business. We’d like to claim that once you hire Little Fish Design Company you can sit back, enjoy some coffee, and wait for us to deliver genius work (complete with a jingle) in Don Draper fashion! The reality though, is that the most impactful work results from collaboration and iteration. Check out the services we offer and examples of our work, then give us a call when you're ready to team up!


Our Services

We take the word service seriously! Regardless of the project scope, you can be confident that Little Fish Design Company will come through for you on time, within the agreed upon budget, and with the highest quality. Let us take away the stress and confusion of deciding how to market your business.


Our Portfolio

Print and web, large and small, individual and corporate... our portfolio of work speaks to our versatility and ability to impact the bottom line of your business no matter the vehicle.


Our Team

What do you get when you mix one part entrepreneurship savvy with one part “want-to-fix-the-world” designer? Little Fish Design Company! Even with our diverse experience, our best skill is putting you at ease by providing the best tools for the job.